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Acoustic foam waved Basotect® 50 ca. 120 x 60 x 5cm / 0,72 m² - light gray

Acoustic foam waved Basotect® 50

code: mewa50

Melamine wave-foam-basotect is a soft foam material with high absorption capacity of noises. The raw material we use for our acoustic panels is the Basotect of the company In particular, we highlight its fireproof characteristics

Me wave-foam-basotect is proposed especially in cases that require good characteristics of fire retardant in combination with a good sound absorption. Thanks to its low weight in combination with a good stability ME can be used as absorbent element of noises. The color (light gray) may differ from the picture and according to the production lot.


ATTENTION: The waves between the panels will not be in a continuous sahpe

  • Structure watermark open cell
  • High absorption capacity of noise on a wide range of frequencies (absorbent porous)
  • Light resistance
  • Foam Basotect (BASF)
dimensionsca. 120x60x5cm cm
colorLight gray
reaction to fire1
Installationnon adhesive

21,90 €


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