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Acoustic foam with protecting skin PUR 50 ca. 100 x 50 x 5 cm / 0,5 m²

Acoustic foam with protecting skin PUR 50

code: puski50

PU SKIN acoustic foam with protecting skin is a sound absorbing material based on high quality materials, soft foam PU. Acoustic foam with protecting skin:Thanks to the resistance to the sound waves and the smooth surface develops a product against noise with excellent absorption and an optical attractiveness. The density is 25-30 kg per m³ and therefore it is a top product for many purposes.

  • Coverings of rooms in the private sector (for rehearsals, hobby room, etc.).
  • Cabins Radio hoast etc. ..)
  • Damping engines ( boats,cars, industrial)
  • General measures to reduce noise ( Bonnets or hoods)
dimensionsca. 100x50x5 cm
reaction to fireB2
weight25-30 kg m³

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