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Diffusor Art. 1 - 50 cm x 50 cm x 11 cm

Diffusor Art. 1 -

code: diffart1

Diffusors branded Hofa are acoustic elements to optimize the room acoustics.
Article 1 diffuser breaks and scatters the sound waves and so brings a distinctive sound in your room or in your studio. The sound will never be boring again!
Article 1 diffuser is ideal for acoustic optimization of studios and can be used just as furniture element in the public and private sectors.
The diffusor is handmade. The material is birch plywood.
Consisting of 36 internal dividers with 8 cm x 8 cm.

  • The dispersion of the room reflections in the mids and upper mids
  • Two-dimensional QRD diffuser
  • Essential for Studios
  • Handmade
materialbirch plywood
dimensionsca. 50x50x11 cm

89,00 €


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