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Hearing protection and measuring devices



Noise is a nuisance to many people – but there is no need to put up with unhealthy and uncomfortable noise levels or the risk of hearing damage. SoundEar® is the ultimate tool for fighting against noise.
You can pre-set your SoundEar to warn you at the noise level you want, according to your needs. Hang a SoundEar on the wall in the kindergarten, after-school care, classroom, day-care centre, music room, youth club, rehearsal room, music venue, office or industry.


Is a pocket-size noisemeter, tells you about the noise level you are exposed to.

Take PocketEar out of your pocket and check the noise level. If it is too high, the PocketEar lights up yellow then red.
If the device lights up red, then help is right at hand – open PocketEar up and inside you will find a pair of good quality ear plugs ready for use.


SoundEar >> download [3,29 MBytes]
SoundEar II Industrial >> download [1,26 MBytes]

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