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Naturtherm-CA 120 x 60 x 4 cm Thermo-acoustic insulation in hemp fiber

Naturtherm-CA 120 x 60 x 4 cm

code: Naturtherm-on-CA

Natutherm-CA fiber hemp is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material thanks to the property of the raw material combines the natural look to ‘efficiency required in the construction field.
Naturtherm-CA is ideal for renovations and new construction, cavity wall and exterior walls, floors and roofs.
The advantages of Naturtherm-CA:

  • Excellent insulating properties in both summer and winter
  • Dimensional stability and performance even in conditions of high humidity
  • Durable in time
  • Breathable Panel
  • Promotes the elimination of interstitial condensation
  • Resistant to mold and pests
  • Ecological Farming
materialhemp fiber
dimensionsca. ca. 120x60x4 cm
colorLight brown
weight30 kg/m³


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