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Plexiglas 1000x700x200mm cut out (30x8 or 30x15cm) Plexiglas 1000x700x200mm with cut out

Plexiglas 1000x700x200mm cut out (30x8 or 30x15cm)

code: easy1000co

Transparent polycarbonate virus protection support
product information:
- Transparent, robust, smooth and pore-free surface
- Cleaning: Surfaces should be cleaned with lukewarm water with the addition of a little wet household detergent and then with a soft cloth,
- Disinfection: surfaces must be disinfected with Isoropane (2-propanol) and a soft cloth.

- UV and weather resistant

Technical details:
- low base
- Dimensions:
L1000 x h700 × 200 mm
- Design: with window
- Window size:
W300 x h80 mm
W300 x h150 mm

149,90 €

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