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Wood Panels

warm und edel

Optical and acoustic variety

Wood ceiling and wall systems

Individual and timeless – wood!
As a long- term solution, enriches every room:
Training rooms, conference rooms, sports halls, banks, choir and music rehearsal rooms, offices, etc.

Product features and benefits
• Perforated, slotted or micro-perforated
• Veneered or color varnished
• Various web and groove widths, and hole diameter
• Ceiling and wall mountable
• High-quality acoustic performance
• Environmentally friendly and emissions-free surface

The following link provides information and a product overview about the combination of acoustic and wood

Holzakustikdecke, Pfarrei Tabland
Holzakustikdecke, Pfarrei Tabland
Architekten: Marx & Ladurner

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