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Stratocell FR black 1200x600x40mm Stratocell FR black fireproof

Stratocell FR black 1200x600x40mm

code: StartocellFRNero

Stratocell Whisper-FR is a fireproof panel ideal for acoustic corrections in wet and outdoor areas.
Stratocell Whisper-FR is ideal for fireproof panel acoustic corrections in wet and outdoor areas. Stratocell is ideal for public buildings, mess halls, gymnasiums, classrooms, firing ranges, partitions, workplace, road barriers, air ducts, filtration systems, engine rooms, boats, compressors and generators, carters soundproofing, engine compartments etc..

  • Fireproof
  • Resisitente to water and moisture
  • Washable
materialStratocell - Quash
finishsmooth porous
dimensionsca. 120x60x4 cm
color black
reaction to fireEN 13501-1 B-s2-d0 DIN4102: B1
weight25 kg/m³

36,90 €


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