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Stratocell Whisper DB 25 mm gray ca. 120 x 50 x 2,5 cm / 0,6 m2

Stratocell Whisper DB 25 mm gray

code: strgrig25kl

Stratocell 25 mm, color grey (sound absorbers made Polyethylen) ) especially suitable where high sound absorption with simultaneous accumulation of dirt and water is required, such as:
Compressors and condensing units
engine enclosure
Machines of all kinds
Acoustic enclosures

already low material thickness (eg 30 mm) to achieve very good sound absorption levels over a wide frequency range
The particular surface with heavy duty foil opens up a broad scope of application

Density: 32 kg / m3
Thermal conductivity: about 0.094 W / mK
Fire rating: B1

The acoustic absorbers are mounted or glued directly with plastic plugs on the existing walls or on the ceiling.

16,95 €

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